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◎書名 專案管理實戰手冊 (Project Management Application Handbook)
◎作者 賴志宏博士 (Dr. Kris Lai)
◎出版商 仕德國際,2020.8
◎ISBN 9789869935401
◎說明 This book provides comprehensive project management process framework and documents for project managers.
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◎書名 產品研發專案管理 (Accelerated Project Management)
◎作者 詹姆斯.路易斯 (James P. Lewis)、路易士.黃 (Louis Wong)
◎審定者 賴志宏博士 (Dr. Kris Lai)
◎出版商 麥格羅.希爾,2005
◎ISBN 9861570810
◎說明 This book provides a good introduction to project management use in product R&D management.

◎書名 專案經理完全求生手冊 (The Project Manager’s Pocket Survival Guide)
◎作者 詹姆斯.路易斯 (James P. Lewis)
◎審定者 賴志宏博士 (Dr. Kris Lai)
◎出版商 麥格羅.希爾, 2004
◎ISBN 9574939723
◎說明 A very interesting and humorous book about the real life of a project manager. Share a laugh as the author describes a typical project manager job.

◎書名 專案管理三部曲 (Project Management Planning, Scheduling and Control)
◎作者 詹姆斯.路易斯 (James P. Lewis)
◎審定者 賴志宏博士 (Dr. Kris Lai)
◎出版商 APMC, 2005
◎ISBN 9861571000
◎說明 This book provides a comprehensive coverage of Project Management, with the unique addition of people aspects, a specialty of Dr. Lewis.
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◎書名 產品研發管理 (Next Generation Product Development)
◎作者 麥克.麥葛拉斯 (Michael E. McGrath)
◎出版商 麥格羅.希爾, 2004
◎ISBN 9861570195
◎說明 A comprehensive look on Product Development Management, with a lot of Project Management concepts.

◎書名 產品經理實戰技巧指南 (The Product Manager's Field Guide)
◎作者 琳達.哥喬斯 (Linda Gorchels)
◎出版商 麥格羅.希爾, 2004
◎ISBN 9574938468
◎說明 A good book on Product Management.

◎書名 產品經理的第一本書 (The Product Manager's Handbook)
◎作者 琳達.哥喬斯 (Linda Gorchels)
◎出版商 麥格羅.希爾, 2003
◎ISBN 9574938220
◎說明 A excellent introduction to Product Management.



◎書名 EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
◎作者 丹尼爾.高曼 (Daniel Goleman )
◎出版商 時報出版,1996
◎ISBN 9571320218
◎說明 The definitive book on EQ, that provides a lot of information about brain structure. Very interesting.



◎書名 全腦革命:激發個人與組織的創造力(The Whole Brain Business Book)
◎作者 奈德.赫曼 /著 (Ned Hermann )
◎出版商 麥格羅.希爾, 1997
◎ISBN 9574930025
◎說明 Introduces the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), which divides the brain into 4 quadrants, and says we have preferences for use of each quadrant. This is a well known and interesting instrument.


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